You Might Never Swipe Right Again After Reading This Woman’s Horrifying Tinder Match.

Tinder is probably the most popular dating app today, but this woman narrowly avoiding what could have been a nightmare might just be enough reason to quit swiping right.

Last November 2014, Crystal (not her real name) matched with someone on Tinder who seemed nice and normal enough.



His name was 28-year old Minh Nguyen. He later messaged her about meeting up.


She was busy at the time and was unavailable to meet up with him.


When it seemed that she might not be that interested, he tried to sell himself a little better. She was unable to respond and their conversation ended.


Two months later, Crystal saw a news headline with a familiar name and face. She was shocked to find that Minh Nguyen, who was actually 38, was charged with murdering his ex-wife’s new husband last January 2015.


She was just a message away from meeting someone who might have seriously harmed her.



Reporters later uncover that Nguyen misrepresented his job – he never worked at Plaxo, a social site that he claims to have co-founded.


Crystal says this has significantly lessened her use of the dating app. She cautions others to be more careful about online dating, as you can never really tell if the stranger you meet is stranger than you thought.


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H/T: Distractify

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