20 Sex Scenes Game Of Thrones Added That Were Not In The Books.

While HBO’s Game of Thrones is mostly faithful to its source material, George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, many characters, plot lines and other elements often get left out in adapting the story for TV. Despite this, one aspect of the show is added time and time again to “aid” in storytelling: nude and sex scenes.
Much of the explicit sexual interactions in the show were actually not in the books, and only some are implied or heard of from second hand sources. It’s arguable that the show uses them for the ratings and shock value, but they also serve to turn otherwise dull conversations from non-point of view characters into interesting ones.

Check out these sex scenes Game of Thrones has that weren’t in Martin’s books:

1. Viserys inspects his sister Daenerys.


While this is not a sex scene, Viserys’ creepy caressing of his sister’s naked body, whom he asked to strip, deserves to be included. A different, somewhat worse event happened in the books though: Viserys actually sneaks into Dany’s room to “steal her maidenhead” as he was jealous Khal Drogo would be her first. Thankfully, Illyrio’s guards stop him.



2. Theon and Ros discuss House Greyjoy.


Of course, the discussion happens while the two are engaging in a sweaty activity. As Ros is not a book character, the details of how Theon’s father rebelled against the Iron Throne were revealed through different means.


3. Dorreah gives Viserys a bath.


Viserys and Daenerys’ sex-ed tutor had an intimate moment in a tub until she said the wrong words, a scene that couldn’t have been in the books since they’re not POV characters.

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