20 Of The Most Memorable Final Words Of Game Of Thrones Characters.

Of the dozens of named characters who’ve died in Game of Thrones, only a few lucky ones were given the opportunity to utter their famous last words. Below we ranked the most memorable final words of Game of Thrones characters according to their impact, poignancy, eloquence, dark humor, etc. While most of these may have faded in accuracy from your memory by now, no doubt some stuck in your minds long after you watched the episode they were spoken in. Here they are:
20. “We are… the Watchers… on the Wall.” – Qhorin Halfhand


Episode 2×10, “Valar Morghulis”



19. “I am your master! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!” – Kraznyz mo Nakloz


Episode 3×4, “And Now His Watch is Ended”

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