Take A Moment To Remember These 20 Child Actors Who Left This World At A Young Age.

Can you still remember watching a movie or TV show with an unforgettable child actor? Have you ever wondered what happened to them and why you no longer see them appear in anything? Well, there’s a chance that they’re already gone from this world. Many of them died of health related problems and accidents while some decided to end their lives early for some reasons. Meanwhile, a lot died because of drug abuse too. Below you’ll find some of these child actors who departed from this world while they were still young.

1. Judith Barsi was shot when she was only 10.



2. Ashleigh Aston Moore was 26 when she died of heroin overdose.


3. Sammi Kane Kraft died in a car accident at the age of 20.


4. Carl Switzer was shot at the age of 31.



5. Michael Cuccione passed away at 16 due to respiratory failure.


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