The Best Food And Drinks Game Of Thrones Has To Offer.

If you’ve read the books Game of Thrones is based on, you know how detailed George R. R. Martin can be in describing castles, armors, dresses and even food, especially during feasts. While the show has more important elements to focus on during its limited time per episode, these details thrive in the background of nearly every scene, and sometimes special attention is given to the meals and drinks that the characters partake of. Check out our ranking below of the best food and drinks Game of Thrones has featured so far:

15. Bread and Bowl of Brown


While bread is a staple nearly everywhere, Flea Bottom’s bowl of brown is famous for having all kinds of meat in it. Just don’t ask which exactly.



14. Rabbit Stew


With a tried-and-true recipe passed on from previous generations, this is great fare for weary travelers.


13. Kidney Pie


It’s not easy to make one, as Hot Pie knows too well, since getting kidneys is difficult. And don’t forget the gravy!

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